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***We found a box of old unsold books recently while moving studios. Stock is listed and when they’re out they’re out! Some can still be found at other retailers and most of the PDFs can be found in the usual places if you’re really looking.


September 2016, English
12×19 cm, 248 pages, 32 b/w ill., softcover with dust jacket


Collection of essays exploring real abstraction in the ‘Neo-Affective Turn.’ How do modes of seeing essentially inaugurated by a critical dialectic form the basis of the ‘outside’ or extreme experience in Contemporary Art? Charting the progress and historical development of what Suhail Malik calls the ‘anarcho-realist premise’ the work endeavors to describe the shifting expectations of thought in the subject-artwork relationship. Modes of display created apparatuses of ‘being thought rather’ then ‘thinking through.’


Includes re-figured texts originally published in Texte zur Kunst. 


Solar Gazing: Real Abstraction and Present Art

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