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This t-shirt began its life as part of an extended collaboration between LMX Unlimited and the One Belt One Road Cultural Outreach and Embellishment Initiative. Due to unforeseeable shifts in the dice game of global development, much of this work would mutate or simply terminate in accordance with the lifecycle and politics of the larger infrastructure projects they accompanied. These shirts, along with a series of hats and ceramic home goods, were produced in 2014 to commemorate a now legally unnamable international partnership’s bid to construct a large, also legally unnamable infrastructure project in a legally unnamable Central European Country.


While the aforementioned hats, plates, mugs and vases are lost within a labyrinth of longterm storage facilities, perhaps never to be seen again, we retained a cache of original t-shirts, unsalable until 2022 when our legal relationship with our client-partner officially ended. After consulting with our former partners, we’ve reached a further deal allowing the sale of these shirts with the obvious proviso requiring the editing out of any sensitive information relating to the lapsed construction bid. 


Each shirt, produced in 2014 and edited in 2022 can now be bought, sold and exchanged as long as it is not tampered with or modified in any way which might reveal the proprietary details of its initial purpose. To this end every shirt purchased includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be singed and returned to us. This is a simple procedure to protect LMX Unlimited and its former partner-client and shouldn’t detract from the enjoyment and use of the t-shirt in any significant manner. 


(Note: all purchases include an NDA which must be signed and returned to LMX ULTD in order to confirm legally that tampering with the surface of the shirt represents a disclosure of confidential information)

LMX_42 | T-shirt

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