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Replica of a 19th century Nova Scotian company token, originally found counter stamped with various Orange insignia. Reproduced in silver with redacted didactics. 


Pendant hangs on a 1.2mm 20 inch sterling silver chain. 


Includes molded display. 


In 2014 LMX Unlimited in its previous existence as an artist collective was commissioned to develop an exhibition at a well known Canadian contemporary art institution. Over the course of a year of research and production, serious friction developed between the group and a Canadian public arts bureaucracy regarding the content of the show. While much of that work is legally unsalvageable, LMX Unlimited, in its current iteration, has returned to the body of research and partially finished artworks to produce a series of products that explore the themes of the unfulfilled exhibition in a legally responsible manner vis-a-vis images that are technically owned by another state’s client institution.

LMX_50 Silver Annotated Pendant Necklace

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