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White t-shirt featuring ‘hand’ drawn illustrations in wash-safe ink on front and back. 


Created with innovative production methods that replicate the sentimentality, historicity and personal quality of handcraft techniques employed by small luxury firms, these T-shirts were individually manufactured so as to contain just as much heritage, hand and New England Terroir as dominant market competitors. 


Through a deep understanding of the historical Angloid Mode of Production (AMP) and innovative materials research, LMX Unlimited has produced a functional white paper, a look-a-like T-shirt that carries exactly the same emotional and mystical value as it’s progenitor, but, thanks to productivity minded innovation, can be brought to market with a dramatic reduction of necessary labor time.


As a friendly challenge, LMX Unlimited looked to market maker BODE for examples of exactly where its new technology could be applied. The original ‘Hand Drawn Bacchus T-shirt’ was a perfect test case—iconic, imbued with the sensitive aura and contingency of hand production and crosscut with a deep commitment to the narrative qualities of New England. LMX Unlimited’s imitation sought to respect the heritage and artisanal quality of the original work, all while radically altering the means of its reproducibility. 


Profitable investments of fixed capital have proven notoriously difficult in boutique small luxury firms which value narrative and contingent handicraft. Industry leaders such BODE, Story MFG or evan kinori prize delicate affective work modeled after European luxury houses but augmented by the particularities of the American AMP. With this T-shirt, LMX Unlimited has proven that the aura of such commodities can not only be replicated, but meaningfully automated. Lubricated by synthetic spermaceti, our light industrial model mechanizes the production of terroir, allowing massive growth potential for moribund or materially reactionary fashion firms. 

LMX_55 | Imitation BODE Drawn Bacchus T-shirt

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